Pull Ups - Pre Class Nerves

So I said I would do something and now I am freaking out about it. 

I said I would go to a pull ups class tonight!!! A couple of weeks ago I tried hooping whilst hanging (see below) and I realised I can't actually do a pull up. So yesterday I asked the guys at my local gym if there was a technique and of course there is, there is even a pull ups class and it is tonight. 

I was like great, where so I sign up but as I was doing it the instructor warned me that there are a few showy men in the class. So now I have this image in my head of little me with all these massive gym junkies and my gosh am I intimidated. I've already started making excuses, it's going to rain, I have too much work to do.. gotta wash my hair. 

But I have to stop and remind myself, I felt this way about going to my first hoop class and my first hoop retreat. My first hoop performance I couldn't even speak for a good hour beforehand... now that is real nerves! And these are some of the most important experiences of my life. It's only when you push your self that you really grow. 

So please wish me luck, this could be the start of something. I could be a pull up champion of the world or I might just be able to hoop and do pull ups. Either way these nerves are good.... breath just and go to the freaking class. 

x Bree