The most fun you can have getting fit.

HoopFit is a class designed to give you a full body workout whilst having fun. In a HoopFit class you will use all the major muscle groups, improving your coordination and flexibility and enjoy yourself like you're a child again.

We start off the class by breaking down waist hooping, dispelling some of the myths and teaching the best technique to target those abs. You’ll be suprised how small changes will not only help you keep the hoop spinning but also whittle those waists.

Then we move on to arms, toning up those biceps and triceps, you’ll be so concerned with keeping the hoops spinning you’ll barely notice the incredible workout.

Throughout the class there are lots of jumping, squats, lunges and balance, working your whole body. Each move is explained in detail and you are able to work at your own pace. Even if you can’t keep the hoop spinning on your waist, HoopFit will teach you a variety of ways to get fit using a hula hoop.

At the end of the class we partner up and see how many hoops we can spin at once. There is lots of laughter and applause too!

You’ll leave the class feeling positive and energised. Why not come and try it for yourself?