Three years ago, Bree Kirk-Burnnand was working in a run-of-the-mill job as an accountant in London. 

But she could not find anything she was passionate about until she discovered hooping.
Bree didn't have the best start to hooping, frankly she was terrible at it but she was hooked on it immediately. 

Having dropped 5kg in five months, she quickly realised the health benefits and impromptu park sessions with friends evolved into classes. Not long after that she joined a troupe of hoopers, travelled with them and broke the world record for most hoops spun simultaneously by a group, with 264 kept going by 10 people.

Bree decided to pursue her passion full-time moving back to Perth to set up Happy Healthy Hoops. Happy Healthy Hoops took off immediately with classes selling out quickly. 

In 2015 Bree broke the world record for the most hula hoops spun by an individual spinning a whopping 181 hoops simultaneously. 

Bree is now focused on empowering hoopers to take the plunge and follow their passion. She is now running regular teacher training sessions and hopes to inspire the world through this fun form of fitness.