Before and After

At some point I'll get talked into doing the before and after photos but you are not getting one yet!! I follow loads of fitness professionals and bloggers on social media so I see before and after photos everyday. Lately though I've found myself squinting at my phone trying to workout which is the before and which is the after photo. 

And when I finally work out which one is the 'after' sometimes I like the before better. 

We all have such different preferences. I tell you what if I could have anyones body it would be Kim Kardashian!! Now half of you are thinking 'hell yeah!!!' and the other half have lost all respect for me (Yes, I watch the programme too. Judge away). I like curves, I know every word to 'I like big butts' and that hour glass shape, I just love it. 

I've gone down a few dress sizes hula hooping and I love my tummy and my arms. 99% of the time I am so happy and confident in my body but I miss my boobs... they shrunk. I'm not kidding you, sometimes I put on my old cloths and think I've become a coat hanger and I just want some womanly curves back. 

And yes I am healthier and happier than ever in my body but it doesn't stop me from having those moments. And there is nothing in this world that will make me look like Kim, butt implants maybe??!! A million squats? Maybe....but I realise now that what ever goal you set, a dress size, X many inches or so many kilos, there is no perfect body! If you don't have a great body image, if you can't appreciate that you are sexy and beautiful as you are, curves or no curves, then there is no perfect body.

Forget the before and afters because they are in your head.