I've Been Breaking Things in My Lounge Room

I've never thought of myself as a competitive person. In fact I've avoided sports all my life.... especially team sport! But yesterday Talia one of The Majorettes sent me a video of herself doing the box split, and ever since I've been in my lounge room breaking things with my hoops. 

I just have to get it... Especially now that she can do it, I'll stop at nothing! I will hoop until everything in this lounge room is broken (please don't tell my flatmates). 

The last time Talia send me a video I spent 3 weeks working on this (above) until I got it. So I guess I need to admit that I am competitive and even more shocking, that being competitive isn't always a bad thing.... This doesn't mean I'll be playing any team sports but some friendly competition can really drive you to achieve more and more! 

Box split video coming soon... I hope! Otherwise my flatmates are definitely going to evict me.

x Bree Kirk-Burnnand