Hanging Up My Heart Pants

Who wouldn't want an excuse to wear a big red glitter love heart on their bottom! Honestly I can can feel the your green eyed monster through the computer scene. 

I left The Majorettes in December and although its been over 6 months I'm only just handing over my Heart Pants today! I love these girls and although it was the right decision to leave and focus on HoopFit I'm more than a little sad to be letting go of these pants.

That's my 30 year old bottom front and centre in my heart shorts....

I'm so thankful to Marawa The Amazing and The Majorettes for all the experiences we shared!! 

Just to list a few.....

The International Majorettes Festival Italy

Skate Kings X Opening - Yep we skated and hooped at the same time!

Bestival - lets be honest I'm not sure I'm really cut out for camping in the UK weather but performing in front of thousands of people was something I couldn't miss. 

India - Where we spent most of out time dressed as zebras

And saving the best to last the WORLD RECORD for Most Hula Hoops Spun Simultaneously!!!

I've made some amazing friends in The Majorettes and had so many once in a life time experiences. A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM xX me