It's Not Luck

Sometimes I think to myself 'I am so lucky that happened' and then I have to correct myself because 99% of the time it's not luck, it's hard work and determination. 


I read somewhere that women are more likely to put their achievement down to luck rather than credit their own ability and hard work. It actually goes further than that into something called Impostor Syndrome where people feel like fakes and live in fear that one day someone will discover this and realise they aren't that good after all (more common in women). 

I see it a lot in HoopFit. Someone who spins 10 hoops in their first class, 'Beginners luck' they say. Um, NO!! Think again. Maybe it's your strong core, great coordination or the fact that you just dug in and gave it a red hot shot??

Either way no more of this lucky rubbish, you are awesome so don't give the credit to luck! Own it!

x Bree