How Does Hooping Make You Feel?

When I was being interviewed by the Sunday Times one of the questions Kristy Symonds asked me was 'How does it make you feel?'


It was a great question but how could I possibly answer it in a couple of of words. The first word that comes to mind is 'Joy' and um maybe 'Calm'. The thing is I feel like I get two very distinctive feelings from hooping and they almost the opposite of each other. 

The first one is Joy, this comes from laughing at myself, jumping for joy when I finally nail a trick and that simple feeling of being at play. 

The second one I find harder to describe. I've never been much of a yogi but people who do both tell me that the feeling you get from hooping is very similar to that of yoga. It stops me my mind from jumping all over the place, it centres me. 

Which means, I hoop when I'm stressed and it relaxes me. I hoop when I'm excited and it brings me joy. 

How does hooping make you feel? What makes you keep coming back?

x Bree