I hooped so hard it hurt

Every step hurts, my legs feel like they have been stretched to the point of breaking and I am discovering fresh bruises everywhere. And it’s all thanks to this video from Lisa Lottie. I watched it on Easter Saturday and immediately felt compelled to pick up my hoops and practise. 

I’ll be honest lately I have been lacking inspiration. Teaching 19 classes a week and dealing with all the highs and lows that come with running a new business I’m exhausted, frustrated, angry even. I actually stopped hooping for myself. 

But watching Lisa’s video her story reminded me so much of my own. These are the words that had me reaching for my hoops and out of the house with in 5 minutes of watching it

‘Something that gave me physical evidence of the fact that if you repeat something enough times eventually it will become automatic. And when you don’t even need to think anymore, for your brain and your body to process the information, your going to end up getting good at it.’ Lisa Lottie

There was a little twang of jealousy when Lisa mentioned she had found hooping 9 years ago at 21. We are a similar age but I discovered hooping at 29 and Lisa has 6 years of hooping on me. While I struggled through my 20s in a job I hated with out any true passion Lisa was already hooping, pursuing her passion, practicing. 

Listening to Lisa speak about her inability to touch her toes and her lack of enthusiasm for gym class made me realise that if I want to be good all I have to do is practise. So I went and I practised. I didn't master any new tricks but I tried, I tried really hard. And there is evidence of that in every step, in all my sore muscles and the fresh bruises, there is evidence that I tried.

x Bree