I finally got it

Finally!!! I got it. I can do the box split. It has taken so long. In July 2014 I wrote this blog post because my friend Talia had send me a video of her doing the box split and I was so determined to get it. That determination lasted about 8 weeks and then I moved on to something else. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I was inspired by Lisa Lotties Ted Talk and that determination came back and today I got it. Not prefect, not by a long shot but I can do it for about 2 seconds. 

Massive thank you to Talia for challenging me in the first place and to Polly Hoops for trying to teach it too me. Even though I didn't get it straight away I still had your tips in my mind when I got it. Jennie Brennen for all her tips, Lisa Lottie for the inspiration and Katie for practicing with me yesterday.