Help! We need your help.

Help! I need somebody. Help. Not just anybody. Help. Yep that's right it's you, I need YOUR help. 

The last 3 years have been a crazy going from accounting to being starting Happy Healthy hood has been a journey of highs and lows. Over the last few months I've been feeling frustrated because there are so many things I want to do with Happy Healthy Hoops and not enough money for me to do them all. So I have decided to take my own advice and ask for help. 

One of my biggest frustrations since I got back to Perth has been getting hoops. The quality of the hoops I had in the UK is amazing, I have hoops that have been used for classes for almost 3 years which are still in perfect condition. 

So I have started a crowd funding campaign to import them from the UK. You can pre-order travel hoops and hand hoops or you can pledge anything from $1 to $2000 and the rewards range from, classes and tops to private workshops for your friends and family. 

Please check out the campaign! I found a great spot in Perth to make the video so I hope you like it.