Are You Fake Fit?

Exercise cloths are cool right!? I love all the bright trainers and patterned leggings that are doing the rounds this season. They are so cool that people are wearing them all the time, trainers are way more comfortable than heels right so why wouldn't you. But some know who you are, you are faking fit. 

I've always had a slim build so I have always been able to fool people into thinking I was fit, even when I wasn't. It's so easy! People just look at you and assume you must be. But there is such a thing as 'Skinny Fat'.

On the outside you look like you live on salads, we assume you could run a marathon at the drop of a hat and honestly we are all a little jealous of that beach ready body. BUT on the inside your organs are covered in fat, you're at a higher risk of getting diabetes and if you are diagnosed you are twice as likely to die from it than someone who is diagnosed when they are overweight. It's serious and your ability to fake it only makes it easier to ignore. 

I was skinny fat. I'd be puffed at the top of a single flight of stairs, I ate small quantities of food but I ate whatever rubbish I felt like on the day. I was faking fit and I was great at it. 

I still surprise myself, I don't normally run because I prefer to hoop but when I do I'm amazed. Yesterday I sprinted down the beach so I could catch the last stand up paddle board class. I was barely puffed!

Fitness isn't just about being skinny, its only a small part of it. Fitness is about being able to run for the bus with out the embarrassment of keeling over when you get on. It's about those crazy endorphins, that really do make you happy. 

So stop faking it and get real! I'm not asking you to run a marathon, in fact you wouldn't catch me doing that in a million years but if you are going to wear your trainers out to lunch maybe just maybe you could walk to lunch?!

x Bree

P.S. I probably should note, I'm not perfect. My diet still isn't great, quantity wise it's more than doubled. I eat a lot and I'm aware of what is healthy I just don't always follow it. 

P.P.S So completely unrelated but have you seen the video clip to Kylie's Sexercise. It's full on I've warned you.