What is Hooping?

  • Hooping is just something that kids do, right? Wrong. Hooping is actually a great full body workout and is brilliant fun to boot! Hooping has positive effects on your body and your mind.

  • burns fat: you can burn approximately 210 calories per 30 minute session, the equivalent of a half hour boot camp or cardio boxing workout

  • tones muscle: hooping is a great core workout, but also tones your glutes, thighs, legs and arms

  • increases your fitness: hooping is a great cardiovascular workout and can burn as many calories as running on a treadmill

  • improves your mood: hooping is laugh out loud fun so you forget you are even exercising

  • improves your coordination: hooping is all about timing and rhythm and over time it will improve your coordination

  • improves flexibility: hooping requires significant motion especially in your spine which can help improve movement in your back after sitting at a desk all day - and help prevent back injuries

“Exercisers can expect similar results from hooping as they’d get from bootcamp classes” - American Council on Exercise

Why Should You Hoop?

Not only is it a great workout, it is so much fun you won’t even notice you’re exercising. No one yells at you like boot camp and it’s way more fun than running on the same spot on the treadmill.

Hooping has a celeb following including Beyonce, Marisa Tomei, Selena Gomez, Liv Tyler, Emma Stone, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Shaquille O’Neal. Follow their lead - get ready to rediscover your inner child and play your way to a fitter, more fun and confident you!