If you still think its a kids toy, think again. In HoopCircuits we take things up a notch or two.

HoopCircuits is a fast paced class designed to give you an intensive full body workout whilst having fun. In a HoopCircuit class you will use all the major muscle groups, improving your coordination and flexibility. 

We start off the class by breaking down waist hooping and warming up the muscles before we get into the serious stuff. The class is designed to get you hot and sweaty, by keeping the moves simple you can work our harder and faster. If you've never been able to hoop before don't worry our weighted hoops make it a lot easier and you will be able to work at your own pace.

Throughout the class there are lots of jumping, squats, lunges and balance, working your whole body. Even if you can’t keep the hoop spinning on your waist, in HoopCircuits you will learn a variety of techniques to get the best workout from the hoop. 

This is an intermediate class. Please ensure that you have attended at least 2 HoopFit classes before you book this class. 

You’ll leave the class feeling positive and energised. Why not come and try it for yourself?