body image

Why are we say such hateful things about our bodies?

After a recent hoop class I was in the change room with a student. Who asked me if hooping would give her good abs? I said yes but then she went on to tell me how terrible hers were and even lifted her top to show me......the tiniest tummy I have ever seen! Really it was toned and everything nothing wrong with those abs. Why do women always criticise their own bodies? We should be embarrassed that we would be so cruel to ourselves. If you talked to a friend like that you wouldn’t have many! So why do we do it to ourselves.

When I was a teenager I read an article in Cleo that said ‘if you don’t point out your flaws chances are men won’t notice them’. For some reason this one article stuck with me for life and I rarely speak badly of myself in front of men. I do remember slipping up one time and showing my cellulite to a long term boyfriend (clearly I was getting to comfortable). He took one look at me and said ‘don’t ever do that again’ and I never will. The thing is he didn’t know it was there till I told him!

I wish I had this same attitude when I am surrounded by women but for some reason I struggle. I talk about how I’d like thicker hair, browner skin.... I’ll even point out my spots to another woman.

Men and women still have such different attitudes to their bodies. I know men are now facing enormous pressure to look good but it’s still far more frequent to hear women beating themselves up.

I have to say that we are part of the problem! The other night watching TV some glam celebrity came on TV and said ‘I’ve always had a good body, I guess I just have good genes’. My friend said ‘does she have to be so arrogant’, the thing is it’s not feminine to be cocky. We don’t actually like to hear other women talk about how great their bodies are but they are great and we should talk about it!

I love my legs. I think they have just the right amount of shape. Also I’m a bit fascinated (yes I said fascinated) by my arms... I never had muscle there and ever since I started hooping they are so toned... I’ll show you them if you ask, yes the gun show! Get a ticket!

What is your favourite body part?