Top 5 Tips for Beginner Hula Hoopers

Beginners Hula Hoop
Beginners Hula Hoop

1. For a good work out you’ll need an adult hoop (normally 39-41inches) which are much easier to use than a child hoop.  Don’t worry, these are provided at classes and you will soon be able to purchase them online!

2. Stand with your feet hip width apart and stabilise your torso and legs. Every time the hoop comes across your tummy push forwards and pull back when it touches your back. This will also help you isolate your abs and get the maximum benefits from hooping.

3. Spin the hoop both directions. It might feel strange at first but it’s important to work out both sides of your body evenly.

4. Turn Turn Turn! If you walk in a circle the same direction the hoop is spinning it will make everything seem a little bit slower and easier.

5. Be patient! Hula hooping will do wonders for your coordination but it can time to get the knack of it.

Happy Healthy Hoops have never had a student they couldn’t teach so come along to a class and you'll be hooping before you know it!