5 Things That Have Inspired Me This Week

Taking our company name Happy Healthy Hoops literally, I've decided to write about five things that have inspired me this week. 

1. Yesterday my friend won the Peoples Book Prize!!! His book You're Gone to Far This Time Sir won best non-fiction.

Years ago when waiting in the lobby to be interviewed for an accounting job at a property firm, Danny Bent, a stranger at the time, wandered past warmly welcoming me to the office and wishing me luck. It instantly made me want the job more. The staff were so friendly, I got the job and loved working there. 

Since then I've enjoyed seeing Danny's adventures on FB. He always seems to be up to something but I seemed to have missed the fact that he wrote a book!!! Watching his acceptance speck yesterday I learnt that Danny had dyslexia and his journey to becoming a writer had been just as windy as my journey from Accountant to Hula Hooper

I can't wait to read it! 

2. Gemma Smailes one of our Kentish Town HoopFit Students is going to jump out of a plane this weekend to raise money for Canine Partners  for Independence. Best of luck Gemma! 

3. This Photo from Morning Gloryville London just makes me happy. 

4. I spoke to my Dad yesterday, he is in hospital for a few days having some check ups. His health is complicated having suffered from Parkinson's Disease for 17 years and breaking his knee in every way possible. But the first thing he says to me is 'Bree, being in this hospital makes me realise how lucky I am'.  

5. Anna Lisa one of my students from Bannatynes has been hooping for a couple of months. It's been a slow process for Anna Lisa but this week something clicked and we managed 3 hoops yesterday! Perseverance, patience and practice.  


I dare you to tell me you can’t hula hoop!

Sometimes I get tired of hearing people say that they can’t hula hoop. I hear it ALL the time. It’s exhausting and frustrating but then I remember I get to prove them all wrong!!! Every last one of them! You just need the right hoop and teacher. Three People Who You Might Think Can’t Hula Hoop, That Can!!!

Stroke Patient Can Hoop – A friend of mine is a Neuro Physiotherapist, who does amazing work reprogramming the brain and teaching people to walk again, decided to use the hoop in a therapy session with a stroke patient. Her stroke patient can hoop.

People Who are Blind Can Hoop – I’ll let the video speak for its’ self on this one but this is really inspiring.

My Dad who has Parkinson’s Can Hoop – I took hula hoops to my Dad’s 60th Birthday. I was a little worried he wouldn’t be able to participate as he has had Parkinson Disease for 18 years and has spent periods of his life in a wheel chair. But when I started explaining how to push the hoop he gave me this look that said ‘Don't patronise me, I have this’. And my Dad hula hooped, in fact he was a bit of a show off.

So come on tell me you can’t hula hoop, I dare you!

Has anyone shocked you with their ability to hula hoop? Tell us about it!