My Mum is a Hula Hooper

When I first started hooping I couldn’t shut up about it! Actually not much has changed but it was worse back then. I would talk your ear off, I knew I was doing it but I just couldn’t stop. So of course when I visited home (Perth Australia) I took hoops with me to show my family. My mum and my sister both loved it (everyone does).Hula Hoop Weight Loss

When I went back to the UK I was learning to be a hoop teach. I used my Mum and sister as guinea pigs. I would pick a hoop move then create a tutorial for them, it was great practice for me but it was also really useful for them as there weren’t any classes in Perth or at least that is what they thought.

My Mum was looking for classes in Perth but couldn’t find any. She did however find a hooper who was willing to teach her in her backyard. This is the text I got afterwards!


She obviously loved it but my Mum is a social butterfly and she wanted to share the experience with other people so she kept looking for classes and eventually found Soul Hula.


Then I get an email saying ‘I can do aback roll!!! I’m running away to join the circus! Xx mummy xx’ I could completely relate to this... I had just quit my Accounting Job to work full time on Happy Healthy Hoops.

When she came to London for my 30th last year, she kept telling the other students in my class ‘I go to classes in Perth and it’s my favourite hour of the week’.  I actually found this sweet but a bit embarrassing. A lot of my students tell me this but I thought my mum was doing the hard sell on my them and I cringed every time she said it.

A few weeks later I met my Mums hoop teacher Shannie and she told me that my mum had said her that her classes were the best park of her week! And it dawned on me that my Mums hooping had nothing to do with me. She is an addict!

Hula Hoops Fitness Who have you shared your hoop with that surprised you?