London Hoop Fest

I don't even want to write anything this week, I just want you to watch the video! Seriously I am so proud of these guys. This was pretty daunting task for me, having gone to my first London Hoop Fest in 2012 I'd have never have expected to be teaching at it so soon.

When I looked out at the sea of faces knowing over the next 90minutes I would have to turn them all into show girls, I was a little taken a back. Lucky for me they all had a little show girl inside them and that was the easy bit. The hard bit was that I felt like a bit of a drill sergeant, 'again, again, again' I even had a whistle. But everyone worked so hard at it and finally at the end it felt like we were little kids calling our parents (Anna Rowan and the other teachers) up to watch our show!

It was beautiful watching the routine and I even felt a little emotional at the end. Especially hearing comments like 'I hadn't smiled so much in ages, thanks Bree' and 'that was the most fun, EVER!'