Sophie Guinness World Record - Most Hula Hoops Spun Simultaneously by a Team

Hula hooping Guinness World Record  Spinderella


Age: 38

How long have you been hooping for?

3.5 years

What made you start hooping?

A girl had a hoop at an event and I asked if I could have a go ...and that was it...hooked!

Sophie Spinderalla All the Lights Hula Hoop World Record

How many hoops?

Go to our instagram to guess how many hoops Sophie spun??

What was your favourite thing about training for the GWR?

Meeting new Hooper's & working together to achieve a goal.

What was the hardest thing about training for the GWR?

The bruising! I wanted to train more but physically I couldn't always do that!

Why did you want to be part of the record?

The opportunity to break a world record as a team- what an achievement. Was a great challenge!

What was it like on the day? Were you nervous?

I perform a lot, in front of big crowds & I get a little nervous, but the day we were breaking the GWR- I haven't felt nerves like it in many many years. There was a point my legs were shaking with nerves! I just wanted to go well for the team :)

How does it feel to hold the GWR?

It feels quite surreal, such a huge a achievement. I am so proud to have worked with an amazing team . My heart is full!!