Jemma Morgan Guinness World Record - Most Hula Hoops Spun Simultaneously by a Team

Hula hooping Guinness World Record  Jemma Morgan

Jemma Morgan

Age: 33

How long have you been hooping for?

4ish years

What made you start hooping?

It looked like a fun way to get some exercise!

Jemma Morgan Hula Hoop World Record

How many hoops?

Go to our instagram to guess how many hoops Jemma spun??

What was your favourite thing about training for the GWR?

Having a hoop goal to work towards! And of course spending time training with such a great bunch of supportive women!

What was the hardest thing about training for the GWR?

The hardest thing was NOT training when I managed to injure myself.

Why did you want to be part of the record?

For a fun personal challenge! Any reason to get the hoops out is good enough for me.

What was it like on the day? Were you nervous?

I was very nervous on the day! Iā€™d love to say I was 100% confident going in, but that would be a lie. After, lots of relief, happiness and pride in myself and the team! Also, I felt determined that we were all going to come back and do this again, even better!!

How does it feel to hold the GWR?

Great! Feeling proud, and excited for my next hoop challenge already!