It Makes My Butt Look Huge

Talk about awkward.. I was trying on a skirt yesterday, I turned around to check out the back view and said 'Oh wow it make my butt look huge!!'.

The sales assistant went into full blown panic mode, reassuring me that my butt was actually tiny, that I was very skinny and had nothing to worry about. 

All I could think is, has this woman been living under a rock? Big butts are in fashion and if you don't believe me read it in Vogue! Beyonce, Iggy Azalea come on... How did this sales assistant not realise that, the skirt was sold until she called me skinny!!! Strong not skinny people thats what we want!

@thenewclassic hooping for billboard magazine 💖💖💖 #iggyazalea

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Now not all of us can have big butts or have the time to do a million squats. And it sucks that the media are able to shape our bodies the same way they shape our views but they do and I think its about time that big butts got their turn!

I like big butts and I can not lie hahaha