I'm in The Guinness World Record Book!!!

So I still can't believe it! I hold a Guinness World Record. It's down on paper and everything. 

On Wednesday after my hoop class I went to the book shop to see if I could get a copy. Not only was the record in it but there is a big colour photo on page 107 right next to a girl shooting a bow and arrow using her feet. 

Bare in mind that when we made the record in November 2013 I had only been hula hooping for 18 months. I was so incredibly nervous. Having trained for months beforehand I was confident I could spin 30 hoops for the required time, but on the day my nerves really got to me and I ended up dropping down to 25. My legs were literally trembling when we spun those hoops. 

On Wednesday when I saw the book I was just over whelmed. I very nearly cried in the book shop, showed a couple of complete strangers as they passed by and spent the rest of the day with the BIGGEST GRIN ON MY FACE!!!

xX me