HoopFit Teacher Interview - Gemma Smailes

Our interview with HoopFit teacher Gemma Smailes

Where do you live in?
I currently live in the beautiful seaside village of Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex

What do you do for a living?
I'm an Accountant by day and HoopFit addict by night!

How long have you been Hooping for?
I started Hooping in 2013 and joined a Happy Healthy Hoops class in February 2014, where the fun really got started!


What inspired you to start Hooping? 
I stumbled across an article online one day which was talking about the health benefits of hula hooping, and when I read that it is a great way to 
strengthen your core muscles I was intrigued, as two years earlier I had slipped a disc in my back and had been so nervous of doing it again that I was put of off exercise, but this article explained that Hooping was low impact, so you could build the strength without having to put yourself through an agonising body breaking procedure, it also looked way more fun then pounding a treadmill or lifting weights in a gym!

What keeps you hooping? 
I keep on Hooping because the possibilities are endless, everyday I think of a new trick or a different move you can do with the hoop. It's an unbelievable amount of fun and it's keeps you super fit without even realising you are doing anything!

What’s your favourite trick? 
My favourite trick, gosh this is a hard one, there are so many! I think my favourite is the double weave, it looks super pretty and is a great work out for your arms (and bingo wings!). I haven't quite mastered it yet but half the fun is working hard and practicing a move to make it perfect!

Who are your hoop buddies?
My Mum! Bless her heart she had no intention to start hooping in her 60's but every time I go home with a pile of hoops we spend all afternoon playing around in the back garden and now she is showing signs of being a little pro! I would also have to say Bree and Heather, my fellow HoopFit instructors, I have learnt so much from them both and they are always super positive and heaps of fun to be around!

Who are your hoop inspirations? 
When I saw this video on You Tube I got goose bumps, I was mesmerised, hooked, I couldn't believe how beautiful hoop dance could look and one day I will learn how to do this!!

What has changed for you since you started hooping?
Wow so much in my life has changed since I started hooping! I thought I would just hoop as a casual way of keeping fit but before I knew it I was hooping every night and pushing myself to learn more and more, and as a result I have lost weight, I am fitter and far more toned than I have ever been before! I have also become a HoopFit Instructor which I could never have imagined when I first started hooping last year! Being a HoopFit Instructor has had opened up some brilliant opportunities for me and I now get to attend all sorts of events and classes to help others learn to hoop and there is nothing more rewarding that seeing someone hoop for the first time!

What did you have for breakfast?
This morning I had a bowl of cereal - boring isn't it?! Must try harder to make tomorrow's breakfast more interesting!

Is there anything else you would like to tell the world about your hooping experience?
There is. Please don't read the above and think I am a naturally sporty and athletic sort, that picks these things up really quickly. I'm not that person at all! When I first started hooping it took me a month to keep the hoop spinning on my waist and most of the tricks I know today have not been mastered first time, it has taken hard work and patience but it is so worth it! If you are thinking of having a go please, please just do it! You will have so much fun and the rewards are huge whether its fitness or stress levels you will feel great after hooping and that's a promise!

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