Finding an Inspiring Space

This week I have been working from Spacecubed. It's this amazing co-working space built for entrepreneurs and honestly just being here surrounded by other people who are following their passion has been inspirational. 

This morning I listened to a presentation by Simply Wall St and then I sat down with Ranjeev and discussed his various business ventures which ranged from stock photos to health supplements. 

And I don't know who left this note or if I was the intended recipient but seriously how great are they. 


What does this have to do with hooping? I guess not a lot but have you thought about your hoop environment the same way you think about your work environment? 

Do you like it quiet, do you like it loud?
Do you want to be alone or do you want an audience? 
Are you looking for a team or would you prefer to be on your own?

I've hooped in hundreds of different environments. On a stage shaped like a ship in front of thousand, in my backyard quietly on my own. At the beach, in the park, on my coffee table, in a mirrored dance studio, in front of the TV. With friends, with family, with strangers. In my bedroom with the music on full! With my amazing students at HoopFit of course. 

They all make me feel different and some work for certain moods and not others. But what's your inspiring space?