2015 it's a wrap

I'm so proud of what I have managed to achieve this year with Happy Healthy Hoops. In June I was awarder the Spacecubed scholarship.  In July we closed our crowd funding campaign at 35% above target. In September the Happy Healthy Hoop Troupe gave a spectacular debut performance. And in November I broke the World Record for the most hula hoops spun by an individual. And in December we won Optus BigUps. I could not have done any of this with out your support. 

It honestly feels like 2 or 3 years have passed, so much has happened. When I came back to Perth in October 2014 I had no idea what I was in for. Would Perth like hooping? Where would I teach? Where would I get hoops from? 

It has been such a brilliant year that it's hard to even think about how I could possibly top it. But as I have learnt over the 3.5 years I have been hooping the bigger you dream the bigger you achieve. Watch out 2016!!!

I got lost in YouTube

If you are a hooper you will already know what happened. I started with the best intentions, I was going to get a lot of work done but before I knew it I was on YouTube watching hoop video after hoop video. Hours of my life gone but lucky for me (and for you) I'm a hoop teacher and I can consider this stuff part of my job. 

A couple of weeks ago Kaitlyn from our Wednesday night hoop dance class brought in her new LED hoop. As someone who has never owned one myself I was in ore of the flashing lights and who knew hoops could be so complex, this smart hoop came with a controller the size of my iPhone with just as many buttons and features built in. 

Alas my YouTubing is all LED!!! These are my three favs. They are damn sexy hoopers too. 



We did it!

In fact the campaign is currently 114% funded. I'm so happy! SO HAPPY! 

Honestly when I launched this campaign I was nothing short of terrified. I was so worried about putting myself out there. What if I failed? How would I show my face in public again. 

I've always let fear of failure get the better of me and it took a lot of encouragement from friends and family for me to launch this campaign. 

The first few contributions brought tears to my eyes. It was so reassuring to see that my students were willing to support me and also that they wanted the hoops. So the first week was pretty easy and then it slowed down... For almost 2 weeks that number only moved a little bit and only occasionally. I worried that I wasn't going to make it. Again that fear of failure reared its ugly head and I seriously thought about putting my head in the sand and pretending there was no crowd funding campaign. 

But that's the thing about putting yourself out there, you're accountable and everyone was asking how the crowd funding was tracking. So rather than putting my head in the sand I realised it was time to knuckle down, not time to give up! 

So I got some advice from the lovely people at Spacecubed and I made sure I talked to everyone of my students about the crowd funding campaign. I did some things that were well out of my comfort zone. The text marketing was one of them and giving out flyers at Vic Park Farmers Market (big thanks to Katie Mills for keeping me company).

It's been so much fun watching that effort pay off. I can't tell you how addicted I became to refreshing the crowd funding page!

I actually feel a bit emotional now that we have reached the target. I'm immediately thinking about the next big challenge. The success of the campaign has really inspired me to keep challenging myself and see where we can take Happy Healthy Hoops. I'm of course going to give myself the time to celebrate this victory (there is a glass of bubbles with my name on it at home) but I'm already feeling determined that I'm not going to let fear of failure hold me back, not again! So watch this space there are even bigger and better, Happier Healthier and Hoopier things in this pipe line! 

x Bree

P.S. You can still contribute until the campaign ends. Remember it is cheaper to purchase through the crowd funding that it will be to get one later. 


Why should I support your crowd funding? You are not a charity!

To be fair no one has actually asked me this question (you're all far too polite for that) but I know some of you are thinking it. 

You are right, I am not a charity and it's not charity that I am looking for. But Happy Healthy Hoops does do a lot to support charity.

Over the last 3 years we have contributed to

  • Breast Cancer Research
  • The Parkinson's Association
  • Save the Children, Retina Australia
  • Canine Partners
  • Epilepsy Australia
  • Conquer Cystic Fibrosis

More importantly though Happy Healthy Hoops contributes to the Community.

I've watched so many people blossom in my classes. There are so many reasons people start hooping, they might be recovering from an injury, suffering from depression, stress or even just wanting to make some friends, have fun and get fit. 

Hooping gives them a space to recover, to get their confidence back, to play and experience joy in the same way they did as a child. That laughter and joyfulness helps them to escape the pressures of every day life. And it's difficult not to make friends when you are laughing out loud. 

I know I am not curing cancer but I think I am doing something great. I know I am. I can't quantify it for you, in fact it is hard to put into words but when you see the smiles I see in class you just can't deny it this is something worth doing, worth contributing too. 

Other FAQ about the Crowd Funding Campaign 

What colours are the hoops? 
There are heaps of colours including red, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green and black. It's first in best dressed so if you order early you are more likely to get your colour of choice. 

Do I have to pay now? 
No, you will be asked for your credit card details however the transaction will only occur if the campaign in successful on the 2nd of July. 

When will I get my hoop? 
The campaign finishes on the 2nd of July and you can expect to get your hoop 10 days from then. 

I don't live in Australia but I still want to support you? 
You can still order travel hoops but you must add $10 for postage. We will send them anywhere you like. 

I don't hoop so how can I support you? 
We all know that person who has it all. When it comes to birthdays and christmas we are tearing our hair out trying to think what to get them. Well I bet that person doesn't have a Travel Hoop. So get them one, get your mum one or your sister or you girlfriend. Take it to your next picnic, even if you don't hoop I guarantee you'll get hours or entertainment.